About Liz & Cari

Well, it was burgundy - a 1980's burgundy - with carpet up the sides and top.  It had worn-out NDSU Bison Teammakers stickers on the back door clearly stating we were from Fargo, North Dakota.  There was no radio (except for the few moments it clicked on after going over a bump in Des Moines, IA), no working odometer, eventually no air conditioning and a permanently closed passenger window.  There was also a deep, long scratch showing the leftovers from being valet parked on Rush Street in Chicago next to fashionable imported sports cars.  Then it was stolen in Omaha, NE...and returned.  But it was our GMC van, and that's where it all started.

After gypsying around the Midwest arts and crafts show circuit for several years and making forever friends in our 1988 burgundy GMC van, we decided to settle down into a tiny storefront in Downtown Fargo at the beginning of the revitalization of our wonderful downtown.  One year later, we moved.  Another year later, we moved again.  And one more year later, we moved onto Broadway.  And yes, another year later, we expanded our footprint on Broadway, started wholesaling our work in North America and made more forever friends through our most awesome team and customers than we could have imagined.  We have made Broadway our home the last 10 years and have circled back to our store and shows - how it all started - minus the burgundy GMC van.

Through it all, one thing has remained true to our mission - to make and bring unique artisan-made artwork, gifts, jewelry and pottery by Liz and many wonderful artists to add a little art to your every day.

With gratitude, we continue to be c.lizzy's.

Liz Walberg and Cari Luchau
The Artist and Artist's Daughter