Large Art Tiles are Retiring

~~ Large Tiles are Retiring...Available through September 30th ~~


Organic.  Classy.  Beautiful.  Our Large Decorative Art Tiles bring smiles and love with sentiments that are carefully hand-selected for your most precious people.  They provide motivation when you or your friends need it.  They show your friends how much you care.  They tell your family that you love them.  They inspire the inner you.

Yet with seasons of change, we change, too.  To make room for growth of our next "season" - making more of our current products and adding new ones - sometimes we need to retire a product.  We know our Large Art Tiles are loved, and we'll celebrate the beauty of them for treasured gifts for a bit longer.  But at the end of September, they will retire in high style knowing they have sent gifting memories across the country sharing smiles, thanks, tears, love and friendships.

Order by September 30th